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calendar    Dec 06, 2023

Top 12 Net 60 Accounts for New Businesses: Build Your Business Credit Score and more!

Proactive financial management is essential, especially for new businesses. Net 60 accounts are valuable tools for improving cash flow management and building your business credit score. Resolve's tailored net 60 terms are designed to support your business's financial health and growth. This article dives into net 60 accounts, highlighting their benefits and listing top options for new businesses.

What is net 60? 

Net 60 accounts offer a type of trade credit, with payment due 60 days post-invoice, benefiting new businesses by providing time to generate revenue before payment is due. Net 60 vendors, from office suppliers to specialized wholesalers, create an ecosystem that eases financial pressures, aiding in cash flow management and long-term business stability. While net 60 can help improve your business credit report, it is not a business credit card like American Express. Still, this solution can be incredibly helpful in managing existing cash flow and planning future investments, ultimately contributing to the business’s overall financial stability and growth trajectory.


Net 30 vs. net 60 

It's common to encounter terms like net 30 and net 60 when researching the topic of business credit. Understanding the differences between these two options is crucial for making informed financial decisions.

Net 30 requires full payment within 30 days, which is preferred by vendors for quicker cash flow and reduced credit risk. It's important to note that this is 30 calendar days, not business days. It suits businesses with steady cash flow, offering opportunities for quicker debt clearance and better terms negotiation.

Net 60, on the other hand, offers a 60-day payment window. It is more suitable for new or growing businesses needing more time for revenue generation. It eases immediate cash outflow pressure and supports strategic financial planning.

The choice between net 30 and net 60 depends on your business's specific needs. While net 30 suits businesses with stable cash flow, net 60 provides more flexibility, aiding in growth. Our Net 30 guide offers further insights into these invoice payment terms.

Net 60 vendors list 

Weighing your options for net 60 vendors can be overwhelming. To help streamline the decision-making process, let’s start with a brief overview of three noteworthy net 60 vendor accounts: 

Home Depot

Home Depot, known in the home improvement and construction industry, provides net 60 payment terms beneficial for companies needing a regular material supply. Their application process is straightforward, catering to businesses from solo handypersons to large enterprises. This vendor regularly runs promotions through American Express, potentially creating additional opportunities for cardholders. Though a personal credit check may be required depending on the type of business, their terms don't require a personal guarantee. 


Lowe's, another home improvement giant, offers net 60 accounts with similar benefits to Home Depot and does not require a personal guarantee in their terms. Its offering focuses on accessibility for small to medium-sized businesses, specifically those in construction, and includes a business or personal credit check during application, depending on the business type. Lowe's also regularly works with American Express for promotions, so consider a corporate card to add to your existing lines of credit if applicable. Business cards can be a great option to pair with net 60 accounts.  

Each vendor's net 60 terms offer unique advantages, supporting business growth with flexible payment terms. Remember: vendors may change their terms, so checking their latest offerings is crucial before committing.

Net 60 wholesale clothing vendors 

Selecting the right vendors is critical for fashion and apparel businesses. Net 60 wholesale vendors are beneficial for growing businesses.


Creoate caters to retailers seeking the unique and trendy, offering net 60 terms to facilitate easier inventory management and financial planning. When choosing Creoate, retailers gain access to a wide array of clothing options while enjoying the added flexibility of extended payment terms.

Mirta Wholesale

Mirta Wholesale specializes in Italian fashion and provides net 60 terms uniquely tailored for the fashion industry. This vendor is ideal for upscale boutiques and specialty stores aiming to offer their customers the allure of Italian fashion with the financial ease afforded by net 60 payment terms. They do not report to Equifax Business or Experian Business, which unfortunately does not aid in building your business credit profile.


Bulletin is famous for supporting female-led brands and socially conscious products, and offers net 60 services. Through these terms, Bulletin helps retailers align their inventory with modern, socially aware consumer values while managing their finances effectively. Bulletin also does not report to either Experian Business or Equifax Business, so while it may not specifically strengthen your business credit profile, it's still an excellent option for qualified retailers seeking a financial partner to help their business grow. 

For businesses in the fashion industry, these net 60 vendors serve as strategic partners, enhancing your brand while easing cash flow management pressures. They are excellent choices for retailers looking to expand their offerings.

Net 60 wholesale vendors 

For businesses in the wholesale domain, choosing the right vendors can be pivotal in scaling operations and managing finances. Let’s explore three impactful net 60 wholesale vendors: Supplied!, Faire, and Abound, all of which pair well with your existing lines of credit for your business.

Supplied! Net 60

Supplied! offers a variety of products for small businesses and boutiques. Their net 60 payment terms are advantageous for small or new retailers, allowing them to stock up without immediate financial burden. This flexibility is essential for businesses still establishing their loyal customer base and must carefully manage cash flow.


Faire connects independent brands with retailers, offering net 60 terms that enable stocking unique products and supporting small brands, creating mutual benefits. Their setup is ideal for businesses that aim to offer distinctive and artisanal products to their customers, helping retailers manage cash flow while supporting small and independent brands, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Abound Net 60

Abound focuses on high-quality products from independent makers. Their net 60 terms enable retailers to test new products in the market, which benefits businesses aiming to stand out. This flexibility can help companies looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

These vendors offer unique benefits, providing solutions for modern retail challenges with their net 60 accounts. Remember that these net 60 providers can change their terms, so reviewing them before selecting your preferred partner is essential.

Wholesale vendors like Faire

Let’s also explore some net 60 wholesale vendors that offer services similar to Faire's. These include Flipkart, and Peeba, none of which require a personal guarantee to qualify:


Flipkart offers many products catering to a wide range of business needs. While it's more known for its direct-to-consumer model, Flipkart also extends services to businesses, offering net 60 payment terms. It is a valuable resource for retailers seeking a wide selection and the convenience of an established online marketplace.


Peeba specializes in connecting Asian brands with retailers worldwide, a helpful focus for businesses looking to offer unique, globally sourced products. Peeba’s payment terms, similar to Faire's, allow for easier inventory management and financial planning, making it a strong choice for retailers seeking to expand their product offerings with international flair.

These vendors provide flexible payment options and unique products for businesses seeking sustainable, foreign-focused goods with net 60 terms.

Easy approval net 60 vendors

Finding net 60 vendors with an easy approval process can be a significant advantage for businesses, especially those just starting out or with less established credit histories. Two vendors that stand out in this regard are Super Delivery and KikoWireless.

Super Delivery

Super Delivery's range of products, combined with their net 60 accounts, makes them a valuable resource for businesses seeking variety and financial flexibility. Easy approval benefits small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to stock up without the hassle of a lengthy or complex credit application. Super Delivery's wide range of products, combined with their net 60 accounts, makes them a valuable resource for businesses seeking variety and financial flexibility.


KikoWireless specializes in wholesale mobile accessories and electronics. Its user-friendly net 60 application process makes it a go-to choice for electronic retailers and online stores seeking financially accommodating and supportive business growth solutions that fit their service offerings.

Super Delivery and KikoWireless stand out for their easy approval process, offering a range of products and user-friendly net 60 application processes, beneficial for electronic retailers and SMEs.

Payment terms for net 60 

Net 60 payment terms require payment within 60 days of invoicing and can offer businesses crucial time to utilize services or sell products, aiding in cash flow management. This configuration can be strategic for those with longer sales cycles or delayed revenues, but it's essential to consider several factors.

Effective cash flow management is crucial to avoid late fees or interest and to maintain a good credit score for easier approval and better credit limit terms. Timely payments under net 60 can strengthen supplier relationships and lead to more favorable future terms, as vendors prefer loyal customers with a positive payment history. You can even negotiate monthly payments and your preferred payment method for maximum flexibility.

Similar to net 30, net 60 provides a longer payment period, which is essential for businesses requiring more time for revenue generation. However, this benefit should be balanced against potential higher costs or stricter credit checks by vendors.

To better understand net terms, including net 30 and net 60, you can consult our Net Terms Guide.

Benefits of net 60 business accounts

  • Net 60 accounts provide significant advantages over options like a business credit card, such as improved cash flow management by allowing payments 60 days post-invoice. This flexibility is crucial for businesses to manage finances without the pressure of immediate repayment.
  • Adhering to net 60 terms can boost a company's credit score, similar to lines of credit, fostering stronger relationships with suppliers and improving future terms, as many net 60 vendors report to business credit bureaus.
  • You should carefully time payments to lead to better terms and pricing, in the long run, to support business growth and innovation, helping frame how net 60 accounts serve as a backbone in modern business.

Net 60 vendors that report to D&B 

Several vendors we’ve discussed report to business credit reporting agencies like Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), which can influence a business's credit score. Vendors that send your business credit report to D&B provide the added benefit of helping companies build their credit history, similar to lines of credit. From our list, the following vendors are known to report to D&B: 

  • Home Depot (this company also reports to major credit bureaus Experian and Equifax Business)
  • Lowe's (also reports to major credit bureaus Experian and Equifax Business)
  • Creoate  

By choosing vendors that report to D&B, businesses can not only enjoy the benefits of net 60 terms but also positively impact their credit history and improve their business credit report, further enhancing their financial credibility and opportunities for growth.

How to Become a Net 60 Vendor

Becoming a net 60 vendor takes a few steps. Start by setting up a system for assessing client creditworthiness, balancing credit extension with risk management considerations like client payment history. Clearly define and communicate your net 60 terms to your prospective clients, including payment deadlines and any fees for late payments.

Remember that net 60 is not a credit card but rather a type of trade credit or business loan. Research your potential terms carefully, and consider offering flexible monthly payments to your clients. Recall that some net 60 vendors will reward clients with a clear balance at statement closing by offering rewards like discounts or gift cards. Some offer preferable terms for having a partner's card on file, like Lowe's with American Express. Additionally, periodically and politely reminding clients about their invoice balances can help spur regular payments. 

Incorporating these payment terms into your invoicing and accounting systems is crucial for efficient management – partnering with financial service providers like Resolve can simplify this transition. Resolve offers a platform tailored for net terms, reducing the risks associated with extended payment terms. This partnership allows businesses to confidently offer net 60, enhancing client relationships and customer service while promoting growth.

Final thoughts 

Financial flexibility is a cornerstone in modern business financing, with net 60 terms offering simplified credit management and the flexibility businesses need to grow. Whether you're looking to become a net 60 vendor or seeking to leverage these terms for your business growth, Resolve is here to guide you every step of the way. Explore our offerings and see how we can help transform your business's financial landscape, fostering stronger client relationships and driving sustainable growth.


Does PayPal credit report to credit bureaus? 

Yes, PayPal Credit does report to the credit bureaus. This means that your activity with PayPal Credit, including payments and credit utilization, can affect your credit score.

When does PayPal report to a credit bureau?

PayPal typically reports to the credit bureaus monthly. The specific timing can vary, but generally, it coincides with your billing cycle.

What are wholesale payment terms? 

Wholesale payment terms are the agreed-upon conditions between wholesalers and their clients regarding the payment for goods or services. These terms include the payment amount, due dates, and any applicable payment discounts for early payments or penalties for late payments.



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