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Resolve's business credit check provides a full report that is personalized and evaluated by our credit experts. We only require the business name and address, that's it!

Why the Resolve business credit check?

Your customer's credit-worthiness impacts you

Find out how safe your net terms invoice payments really are. The bigger your customers and their orders, the bigger the risk is to your business in floating net terms. We’ll share insights about your customers so you can de-risk your credit decisions.

Resolve blog: Why your team shouldn’t be doing credit checks

On paper, the old-school method for performing a business credit check looks pretty simple. But in reality, getting business data is a lengthy information-gathering expedition that can take days or weeks to complete.

It's simple - no lengthy forms required

Resolve puts an end to lengthy forms and manual reference checks. We only need the name & address of your customer - that's it! Your customer doesn't need to provide a thing.

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Personalized insights from our credit experts

Our Resolve credit risk experts have a wealth of experience working with fortune 500 companies from Amazon to Paypal. We'll share easy-to-digest yet deep insights, that you can't get from credit bureaus.

Resolve can improve your cash flow too

Resolve can also help you unlock cash tied up in net terms invoices. We'll pay your approved customer's net terms invoices in 1 day, increasing your cash flow and growth. This means Resolve takes on the risk of floating net terms with our non-recourse financing.

How else does Resolve help
your business operations?

Net terms & credit management

Resolve's a complete net terms management solution - we'll take care of everything needed to offer net terms (30, 60, or 90 days) to your customers.

Accounts receivable automation

Resolve streamlines your Accounts Receivable tasks such as credit checks, reminders and collections, and processing payments.

Embedded credit team

Resolve acts as your credit team on tap. We make credit checking, credit decisions, and credit line management fast and simple.
Account Executive at Hyperikon
"Resolve has been like a spring... allowing us to grow and scale our B2B business quickly. It's been a catalyst to faster and better growth for us."
Ray Gil
Account Executive at Hyperikon
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