We're the 'B2B version of Affirm' net terms for ecommerce

We make it easy to offer net terms with all your sales channels. Your B2B customers can apply for net terms at checkout right from your online store.

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Resolve’s Magento 2 or WooCommerce Checkout Extension allows your customers to apply for net terms at checkout without leaving your online store. Offer the same net terms options across all your sales channels.

Resolve's flexible API can be integrated into any ecommerce platform. Allow your business customers to apply for net terms at checkout without leaving your online store.

How net terms management helps your ecommerce

Increase your B2B sales

Offering net terms to business buyers is proven to increase sales volume and customer retention.

Improve your cash flow

Get cash in the bank, and fast. Resolve will advance pay invoices from your approved customers.

Reduce your financial risk

Let us take on the risk of offering net terms. Floating your own net terms could sink your business.

What does Resolve look like in your ecommerce checkout?


Net terms at checkout

Your customers get the option to apply for net terms (or utilize approved net terms) at checkout. Application is through a simple Resolve powered form.
Finalize Buyer Credit

Approval within 1 day

Your customers hear back from us within a day and usually within hours. We'll keep them in the loop with the approval process - once approved they complete their purchase.

Looking for a Shopify net terms option?

Resolve doesn't currently offer a Shopify checkout flow integration. However, we still have some options for Shopify merchants to offer net terms to their customers. Please reach out to discuss the details with our team.

How do we approve your
customers for net terms?

Resolve runs smart
credit checks

Depending on the results, your customer's invoices will qualify for Advance Pay - 90% paid upfront. Note that higher risk customers may still qualify for 75% or 50% advance.

Offer net terms
to your customer

Resolve fees are 2.61% on 30 day net terms. Depending on your customers you can absorb this fee into your pricing, or pass it on to them.

We'll chase payments
& manage collections

Resolve is your 'credit team' on tap. We send payment reminders and help chase any late payments, saving your team time.

Which of your customers
can we work with?

Resolve works best with your trusted repeat-purchase customers. Please note that consumers or sole-proprietors are not approvable for business credit.
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Want to see the Resolve
checkout in action?