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Resolve partnerships means driving growth for yourself and your clients. Earn commissions or revenue shares on clients you refer. Help your clients unlock growth, enter new markets, and modernize their credit and payments workflows with Resolve’s powerful B2B payments features.

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Why partner with Resolve?

Grow your client’s business

Resolve allows businesses to take on larger orders and enter new markets, without impacting their cash flow. Your clients can win more sales, get paid faster, and give their customers more time and more ways to pay.

Implement modern B2B payments

Resolve provides a modern B2B payments experience for your client’s customers. The online payments portal gives them both more time to pay, and more ways to pay. Resolve completes the ideal B2B tech-stack with our integration options.

Scale your earnings

Recommend the best-in-class solution for your clients, and earn commission as part of our revenue share program. We’re invested in your growth too, scale your business with Resolve.
“Resolve allowed us to expand & enter new markets. We could now take larger orders on with net terms, which we previously had to turn down.”
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Who should apply?

Financial & e-commerce systems integrators

These partners help their clients with financial processes, accounting system connections, and e-commerce payments. Apply to see how Resolve integrates with QuickBooks Online & Magento 2.

B2B marketplaces & e-commerce

Partner with Resolve to solve your B2B marketplace payments. Focus on growing your marketplace, we’ll take care of payments. Apply now to learn about our API payments experience and see our online payment portal demo.

Resolve current customers

Our current customers best understand the benefits of Resolve, making them the perfect referers . We give our current customers the opportunity to earn from their referrals to Resolve. Learn about our co-marketing support and options.
We already make B2B payments better for 1,000+ businesses
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Our integrations & connections

Our integration reconciles payments and transactions for you. It also automatically imports customer and invoice records. You can choose which invoices to offer net terms on - simply complete the process in our dashboard.
Resolve's Magento 2 or WooCommerce Checkout Extensions allow your business customers to apply for net terms at checkout without leaving your online store. Offer the same net terms options across all your sales channels.
Resolve’s API means many different accounting systems and ecomerce platforms can be connected. Schedule a time with our team to learn more.

How to become a partner?

Apply now

We encourage everyone who is interested to apply. From consultants to co-marketing opportunities. We’ll set up a time to chat.


Review our agreement, see all the details on commission and revenue-sharing and learn how it works. Sign to become a Resolve partner.

Start referring

This can be as simple as 1-to-1 referrals, sharing a bespoke link, or creating a co-branded page with us. We’ll make sure you get the credit for the referral.

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