About Resolve

Resolve is 'buy now, pay later' for b2b

Resolve at its core improves traditional and cumbersome b2b payments. We facilitate deferred payments between businesses, but in a way that benefits both businesses. This deferred payment is commonly referred to as ‘net terms’ in many industries, and it describes a payment delay of 30, 60, or 90 days that has come to be expected by business customers. The issue for the business seller is that they are required to act like a bank. They need to give short-term credit to their customers and ‘float’ these net terms invoice payments. Resolve takes care of every aspect of a business being able to offer net terms as a payment option. We solve for the credit checking process, provide invoice financing, automate accounts receivable processes, and speed up payments processing.

Resolve enables b2b deferred payments through our end-to-end and embedded ‘credit billing’ solution. This refers to Resolve’s integration with an existing financial tech stack to automate and streamline all of the tasks associated with offering net terms. The results are simpler net terms that increase our customer’s cash flow and b2b sales, while reducing their financial risk and accounts receivable resourcing needs.

Our story

Affirm and Resolve share their founding history in Max Levchin. Max was previously co-founder and CTO at PayPal and founded Affirm in 2012. Resolve was developed in Max’s San Francisco based venture studio, HVF, by co-founders Chris Tsai and Brian Nguyen. Resolve’s co-founders Chris & Brian had previously worked together on a successful fintech startup that was acquired by Indiegogo. Having both worked closely with Affirm, the pair saw an opportunity in the ‘buy now, pay later’ space - but with a focus on b2b. Chris & Brian are Y Combinator alums, were Wharton MBA classmates, and hold technical degrees from MIT and Stanford between them. Resolve now unlocks net terms for hundreds of companies in the USA, and their global team is expanding rapidly.

Contact Info

For a product demo or more info on how to start using Resolve, please contact sales@resolvepay.com