Think of Resolve as net terms as-a-service

About Resolve

Resolve is building the future of B2B payments by making net terms simple and easily embeddable. We believe simplicity makes business more human. Think of Resolve as net terms-as-a-service. We help businesses manage every aspect of offering net terms to their customers. How? By integrating with your existing financial tech stack to automate and streamline everything from credit checking, to accounts receivable workflows, and providing an online payments portal for your customers. The results are increased B2B sales, happier customers, reduced financial risk, and improved financial velocity.

Our beginnings

Affirm and Resolve share their founding history in Max Levchin. Max was previously co-founder and CTO at PayPal and founded Affirm in 2012. Resolve was developed in Max’s San Francisco based venture studio, HVF, by Chris Tsai and Brian Nguyen. Resolve’s co-founders Chris & Brian had previously worked together on a successful fintech startup that was acquired by Indiegogo. Having both worked closely with Affirm, the pair saw an opportunity in the ‘buy now, pay later’ space - but with a focus on B2B. Chris & Brian are Y Combinator alums, were Wharton MBA classmates, and hold technical degrees from MIT and Stanford between them. Resolve now unlocks net terms for thousands of businesses in the USA, and their global team is expanding rapidly.
We improve payments for 1,000+ businesses
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Press highlights

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Our core values


Tenacious ownership

Everyone on the team is an owner. Full responsibility without strict boundaries, seeing actions through to outcomes.

Assume positive intent

Be kind, assume positive intent. Respect the expertise of the team and take time to find the bigger picture without blame.

Be direct

Honest, clear, and transparent communication. Constructive feedback is essential in our remote culture. Help others identify bias or blindspots.


Wear our customer’s shoes

We aim to deeply understand our customers. Solve problems from their perspective and earn trust through every interaction.

First principles thinkers

Remain curious, and learn continuously. We’re building something new, question assumptions, and think from first principles.

Write it down

Our business is complex. Take time to document and express learnings — for your own clarity, and for effective team collaboration.


Deliver incremental value

Don't be afraid to iterate. Share ideas early and often, getting something done is better than waiting for perfection.

Simplify complexity

Simple is often best. In decision making or communications, seek elegant practical solutions. The ultimate goal - simplify our customer’s lives.

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