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Offer Net Terms and Grow Your Revenue

Resolve helps you increase cash flow by giving you advance payment when you offer net terms to your customers.


How Resolve works

Trusted by over 12,000 businesses

add_customers_iconAdd customers to Resolve’s platform and get fast credit results. Customer can also apply for terms directly and may qualify instantly based on credit and purchasing needs.

Net_terms_invoiceWhen a customer makes a purchase offline or online through your Ecommerce system, they'll receive a net terms invoice through Resolve. 

follow_up_iconResolve follows up on any late payments while you stay up to date through our user-friendly dashboard.


Why work with Resolve?

Resolve manages all your cash flow and AR workflows in one place


Advance Pay

Resolve advances you up to 100% on net terms invoices within 1 day. Your customers pay on 30/45/60 day terms and get credit lines so they can purchase more and grow with you too. 


AR Automation

Resolve handles payments, collections, and regularly manages credit risk for each of your customers saving your team time and manual work.


Grow Revenue

By working with Resolve, you can increase sales, reduce non-payment, and minimize risk across your customer portfolio. 

Built and backed by the world's leading FinTech brands

Businesses work with Resolve to improve AR turnover and cash flow

Get paid in 1 day instead of 60

Get up to 100% cash upfront on approved net terms invoices in 1 day.
All cash advances are non-recourse so what you get is always yours to keep. 
  • Increase average order value by 40%
  • Grow sales 18% YoY by offering terms
  • Get paid in 24 hours 
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Sell even more with higher credit lines

Within seconds, get your customer's credit risk profile and recommendations on credit line sizes to extend.
  • Save $140 per credit bureau report
  • Speed up sales cycles by 90%
  • 2x your customers purchasing power 

Focus on customer relationships

Experience the best of both worlds, automated and human outreach
to avoid late payments. Offload your AR collections to us. 
  • Reduce days sales outstanding to 1 day
  • Save your AR team 14 hours of work weekly
  • Increase yearly profit margins by 25% 

Make it easy for your customers to pay

Give your customers access to their own dashboard and more
ways to pay with ACH, credit card, wire, and check payments.
Plus, enjoy lower processing fees. 
  • Offer 4 ways to pay instead of 1 
  • One secure payment workflow for everyone
  • Speed up sales cycles by 90%

Automatic updates to save you time

Integrate your accounting stack seamlessly with Resolve. You'll save your team time and manual work when reconciling your books.
  • Reduce manual errors by 50%
  • Fully automate a 2-way integration with your ERP of choice
  • Decrease reconciliation time by 90%

Core accounting and ecommerce integrations

Will Resolve work for me? 

You're based in the US

✅ Your average invoice is between $5k - $100k

✅ You have repeat customers

✅ You have at least $1M in annual revenue

Get paid faster with Resolve

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