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Resolve is the modern alternative to factoring

Resolve serves manufacturers and wholesalers who sell machinery, equipment, electronics, sporting goods, and more. You're expected to offer net terms to your business customers, but you'd like to unlock the cash flow that's tied up in these invoices. We'll explain why Resolve is safer, cheaper, and better for your reputation than factoring.

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How Resolve is different from
traditional invoice / AR factoring

We remove the risk of customer non-payment

Resolve's pricing is on our website, fees are a flat 2.61% for 30-day net terms invoices with a 90% advance. Factoring can be expensive, and fee structures complex - it's often not clear how much it will end up costing you. With Resolve, we want to keep it simple and make sure you know exactly how much our fees will be. Our emphasis is on gold standard customer service and relationships.

No hidden fees or surprise charges

Unlike factoring, Resolve is non-recourse financing (and is not a loan). That means, once we approve a customer and advance pay their invoice - the risk is on us if they don't pay. Wouldn't it be nice to completely de-risk floating net terms invoices?

We're so much more than just factoring

Unlike factoring, Resolve won’t tarnish your reputation. In fact, we modernize your customer's net terms & credit application experience with you. Gain a self-branded online payment portal. They get more time to pay and more ways to pay — credit card, ACH, wires, and mailed checks.

Improve your customer's experience

Resolve helps manage every aspect of offering net terms to your customers. From your customer's perspective, we're like an improved payments portal where they can pay invoices to you. Everything is white-labeled, and your customers (and you) interact with Resolve as an integrated Accounts Receivable resource that is making life better.

Resolve blog: 8 Reasons why Resolve is better than invoice factoring

When it’s time to collect a late payment on an unpaid invoice, a factoring company will bombard your customers with automated emails until they pay. They often engage debt-collection-agency scare tactics to make your customer cough up. Resolve is in an on-going partnership with you, we improve and streamline your customer’s net terms payments experience.
"I don't want to act like a bank. With Resolve, it's win-win for everyone. I can offer my customers net terms, and I don't have to wait 30 days to get paid."
Chase Shiels
Vice President at Whitewater Forest Products

How does Resolve work?

Resolve runs smart credit checks

Approved customers qualify for Advance Pay. This means uo to 90% paid upfront on invoices.

Offer risk-free net terms

Resolve in non-recourse financing (i.e. risk-free to you). Resolve fees are 2.61% on 30 day net terms.

We’ll chase payments & collections

Resolve is like your ‘credit team’ on tap. We process payments, send reminders, and collect as needed.

The basics of improved
cash flow with Resolve


Of your customer
invoice advanced
1 day

Advance is paid
to your account
30, 60, 90

Net terms for your
approved customers
2.61% fee

On 30 day net terms &
90% advance rate

Resolve is your #1 cash
flow solution