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calendar    Nov 22, 2023

B2B Invoice Essentials: The Importance of Clear Payment Terms

When it comes to business transactions, B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) are two sides of the same coin. While B2C transactions occur between businesses and individual consumers, B2B deals with exchanges between businesses themselves. B2B exchanges often involve larger transactions and extended payment periods, making payment terms critical to understand. The best approach to ensure transactions are organized, the payment terms are guaranteed and the operation runs smoothly is by creating and sending effective invoices to the businesses, but how do you go about it? 

This article delves into the essentials of B2B invoicing, emphasizing the significance of clear payment terms like net 30 and net 60, and how Resolve can streamline this process for business owners like you.

What exactly is B2B invoicing?

Let's start at the beginning. B2B invoicing is the process of creating and sending bills for goods or services provided from one business to another. Unlike B2C invoices, which are often paid immediately or within a short timeframe, B2B invoices usually have extended payment terms, also known as net terms. These terms outline the conditions under which the payment must be made and often give businesses several weeks to fulfill the obligation. B2B invoicing is foundational to building and maintaining a stable cash flow, making it essential for businesses to get right. The invoicing process in B2B transactions can be complex due to factors like varying payment terms, sudden bulk orders, and sporadic repeat business. These factors make the role of a reliable electronic invoicing system even more crucial for stable business operations.

Invoice structure: What should you include in your B2B invoice?

A well-structured B2B invoice should include essential elements such as an invoice number, business details, payment methods, item descriptions, and the amount due. However, one of the most crucial aspects is payment terms. Businesses often opt for net 30 or net 60 terms, indicating a 30 or 60-day period for payment after invoice issuance. Resolve offers seamless integration of these terms through its credit management services.

Beyond these features, timely invoice delivery is crucial—ideally as close to the product or service delivery as possible to help avoid late payments. We recommend you clearly outline the approval process to eliminate bottlenecks or payment delays and consider offering discounts for early payments as an added incentive. All of these aspects could help encourage faster payments.

For a streamlined approach, you can also use Resolve to align your net terms invoicing and payment processes, optimizing both time and financial resources.

What is a net 30 business account?

A net 30 business account is a credit arrangement where the buyer has up to 30 days to pay the invoice in full. Offering net 30 terms on your invoice extends a degree of trust to your customers and can provide you with a competitive edge and improved customer experience. These terms are often beneficial for companies looking to manage cash flow effectively, as they have a month to collect revenues before the outstanding invoices come due.

However, sellers can also benefit significantly from these flexible payment terms. When a business extends net 30 terms through a platform like Resolve, it can take advantage of quiet credit checks and set appropriate credit limits for each customer. Furthermore, Resolve offers advance payments of up to 90% per invoice, significantly boosting cash flow for the seller. These benefits make net 30 accounts more than just a payment option. It's a tool for financial optimization for both buyer and seller.

B2B payment options


When it comes to business transactions, several B2B payment methods are commonly employed to ensure both flexibility and security:

  • Credit cards are often used for smaller transactions due to their convenience and remain one of the most popular payment types.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments offer a reliable, electronic way to transfer funds directly between banks before online payment.
  • Wire transfers are best suited for large, urgent payments, especially those crossing international borders.
  • Third-party electronic payments like PayPal have gained traction due to their ease of use and real-time tracking capabilities, sometimes processing as quickly as a single business day.
  • Finally, traditional paper checks still hold their ground in B2B transactions for those who prefer a tactile record, while cash payments remain a viable but increasingly less common option.

There's no shortage of physical and digital payment options for B2B businesses. Make sure to choose a method that aligns with your business needs and consider integrating it into Resolve's platform for a seamless credit management experience.

Invoicing best practices


Several best practices are crucial for an effective B2B invoicing strategy. If you would like to know the aspects to prioritize, here are our professional recommendations:

  • Always itemize the services or goods provided.
  • Ensure a unique invoice number for easy tracking.
  • Use a standardized format to avoid confusion
  • Specify payment terms upfront.
  • Make sure your invoices are accurate to avoid disputes that can delay payment.
  • Consider automating your invoicing through Resolve's platform to streamline this process
  • Ensure compliance with your preferred payment terms.

Although there may be other items for you to consider, we believe this list will help you enhance overall efficiency and result in an effective B2B invoice that will take you one step closer to a successful transaction. 

Invoice template with payment terms

Having the right invoice template can save you time and effort, not to mention helping your customers avoid late payments. By now the importance of an effective B2B invoice is clear, but how do you actually make one? How should you organize all the elements? If you need some practical guidance on invoice creation, below is a sample B2B invoice template with clear pIayment terms optimized for businesses offering net 30 and net 60 options.

By utilizing a template like this and integrating it with Resolve's B2B payments platform, you'll be well-equipped to manage your invoicing easily.

Net 30 payment terms template

A tailored invoice template can be a game-changer if your business typically operates on net 30 payment terms. Not only does it make your invoicing process more efficient, but it also reinforces your payment expectations to your clients. If this is the type of B2B invoice you were looking for, here's a template optimized for net 30 payment terms:

This template is especially beneficial when integrated with Resolve's B2B payments platform, which can provide advance payments of up to 90% on approved net terms invoices within 1 day. In addition, Resolve’s cash advances are non-recourse, so the amount advanced is yours to keep. This synergy ensures you maintain a strong cash flow while offering convenient net 30 terms.

Final thoughts

We know navigating the world of B2B invoicing can be tricky at times, but with the right strategies and tools, it can become a seamless process. Remember, the key lies in clear communication, setting explicit payment terms, and ensuring timely delivery of invoices. As you've seen, there are numerous methods to ensure your invoices get the attention they deserve and are paid promptly. While tools and templates can significantly aid the process, the real magic happens when you combine best practices with automated solutions.

If you're looking for that extra boost in efficiency and peace of mind, consider integrating platforms that streamline the invoicing process. Resolve offers a fantastic solution, but the choice ultimately lies with you. Take the insights from this article, put them into practice, and watch as your B2B invoicing process transforms. After all, every business deserves smooth transactions and a steady cash flow.

  • Resolve offers a B2B payments platform that takes the hassle out of your receivables. 
  • Through quiet credit checks that require no involvement from your customer, it also helps you set credit limits and offer net terms effortlessly.
  • Moreover, Resolve provides advance payments of up to 90% on approved net terms invoices within 1 day. This ensures that your cash flow stays liquid, enabling you to focus on what really matters—growing your relationships and sales.

So what are you waiting for? Adopt Resolve’s B2B payments platform and make your B2B invoicing process as smooth and easy as can be!

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