Resolve has raised $60 million in funding to fuel the growth of our embedded billing platform.

We're excited to announce that Resolve has raised $60 million in funding to fuel the growth of our embedded billing platform. Resolve is exclusively focused on business-to-business payments by automating the process of billing and purchasing on credit.

The pandemic accelerated the shift to digital B2B payments and e-commerce. It increased pressure for companies to adapt to evolving customer expectations. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and those that purchase from them, are responding by modernizing their B2B payment methods and digitizing billing operations. SMB and mid-market companies especially need to “punch above their weight” when selling to customers who expect to buy on 30 to 90 day net terms. However, many companies struggle with the resources required to manage the complexity and risk of offering deferred payment options.

Resolve eliminates this pressure by providing a digital net terms and credit billing platform. Resolve integrates seamlessly into an existing financial tech stack to facilitate growth and increased sales revenue and cash flow, all while removing risk for the company.

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Exclusive features of Resolve Platform

Smart Credit Engine: Resolve’s Smart Credit Engine for assessment and decisioning of our customer’s net terms and credit line.

Advance Pay: Resolve’s Advance Pay for upfront payment of your customer’s net terms invoices.

Payments Portal: Resolve’s Payments Portal for receiving your customer’s payments by ACH, Check, or Credit Card.

Payment Chaser: Resolve’s Payment Chaser for late invoice reminders and collections activities.

Resolve is doing a lot of work to scale its embedded billing platform and investing heavily in products and the customer sides of the business.

To learn more about how Resolve can increase B2B sales, enable seamless credit checks and approvals, improve cash flow, and reduce financial risk, please get in touch.