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calendar    Mar 18, 2024

7 Best Shopify Apps For Email Marketing - 2024

Updated on March 13, 2024

Email marketing for Shopify enjoys the unrivaled position of having the highest return on investment (ROI) among all marketing methodologies, boasting about a $36 return for every $1 spent. This effective strategy capitalizes on leads already interested in the business, nurturing them into loyal customers by directly connecting campaigns to purchases and facilitating easy revenue tracking. Moreover, it ensures messages reach an audience eager to hear from the business, supporting targeted and personalized communication. The compelling benefits of Shopify email marketing include enhanced reach and speed, effective segmentation, automated sales facilitations, as well as opportunities for cross-selling and maintaining continuous customer relationships 1.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo stands out as a comprehensive email marketing and SMS platform tailored for Shopify users, marked by a solid 4.1 rating from 1,921 reviews 6. It caters to a wide range of needs with its flexible pricing structure:

  • Free Tier: Offers up to 250 contacts and 500 email sends, along with 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits, making it an excellent starting point for small businesses or beginners in email marketing 7.
  • Paid Plans: Begin at $45/month for email marketing and $60/month for combined email and SMS marketing. This allows businesses to scale their marketing efforts as they grow 7.
  • SMS Credits: Klaviyo SMS operates on a credit-based system, where the cost per credit varies depending on the quantity purchased, providing flexibility in managing SMS marketing costs 7.

Klaviyo's robust feature set is designed to enhance Shopify email marketing campaigns:

  • Automated Messaging: Both email and SMS messaging are automated, potentially leading to increased revenue through timely and relevant communications 8.
  • Predictive Analytics: Features like lifetime value and churn risk predictions equip businesses with insights to anticipate and strategize for future customer behavior 8.
  • Personalization: Offers personalized product recommendations based on customer purchase history, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of marketing messages 8.
  • Integrations: Supports over 200 tech stack integrations seamlessly, without requiring coding skills, thus expanding its utility and flexibility 8.

The platform's ease of use is further amplified by its user-friendly tools:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Enables easy creation and previewing of customized email or SMS messages, simplifying the design process 8.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Available for various marketing purposes, including email campaigns, automated flows, and sign-up forms, these templates save time and ensure consistency across communications 8.
  • Detailed Analytics: Klaviyo provides in-depth analytics tools to help merchants refine their marketing strategies for better outcomes 9.

Moreover, Klaviyo's customer support is highly regarded for its efficiency in resolving issues, ensuring users can maintain smooth operations 9. With its comprehensive solutions for retail, ecommerce, and beyond, Klaviyo proves to be a versatile tool for enhancing email marketing shopify campaigns, driving conversion rates, and building strong customer segments through effective marketing automations and engaging email templates 810.

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Omnisend distinguishes itself as a premier choice for Shopify store owners looking to amplify their email marketing efforts. With its robust ecommerce focus, Omnisend introduces an array of conversion-boosting features such as gift boxes, scratch cards, and various incentives to engage customers. Its multi-channel capabilities extend beyond email, offering SMS, push notifications, and more, allowing for a comprehensive approach to customer communication. The platform's dedication to increasing sales without adding to the workload is evident through its streamlined operations and integration ease with Shopify, serving over 100,000 customers worldwide. Omnisend's reputation is further solidified by more than 5,000 5-star reviews, showcasing its effectiveness and popularity among Shopify app users 1011.

Key Features and Tools:

  • Pre-Built Automation Workflows and Templates: Omnisend offers an array of pre-designed email templates, form templates, and automation workflows to kickstart your marketing efforts. Whether it's welcoming new subscribers, following up post-purchase, or recovering abandoned carts, these tools are designed to save time and enhance efficiency 1112.
  • Personalization and A/B Testing: The platform allows for deep personalization of messages based on customer data, enabling businesses to tailor their communications effectively. Additionally, A/B testing capabilities ensure that you can experiment with different message variations to discover what resonates best with your audience 11.
  • Advanced Segmentation and Multi-Channel Messaging: With smart audience segmentation, businesses can target specific customer segments for more personalized messaging. Omnisend's integrated approach combines email with SMS, push notifications, and other channels, driving up to 2.9x more conversions. This omnichannel automation leverages personalized messages delivered at the optimal time through the most appropriate channel for each customer 1114.

Installation and Setup:

  1. Start by Installing the Omnisend App: Available in the Shopify App Store, the installation process is straightforward, offering single-click installation that automatically syncs contact and order information to your Omnisend account 1214.
  2. Customize Your Brand Assets: After installation, customize your Omnisend account by adding brand assets such as logos, colors, fonts, and social links. This ensures that all communications are consistent with your brand identity 12.
  3. Create and Implement Key Elements: Focus on setting up the three main elements of your email marketing system:
    • Forms: Design simple yet effective pop-ups or subscription forms to collect leads, primarily email addresses 12.
    • Automation Workflows: Utilize pre-built or custom automation workflows based on specific customer behaviors to maintain engagement and drive sales 12.
    • Campaigns: Plan and execute targeted campaigns, such as new product launches or promotional offers, to keep your audience informed and engaged 12.

Omnisend's approach to email marketing for Shopify stores emphasizes ease of use, efficiency, and effectiveness in engaging, converting, and reactivating customers. Its comprehensive feature set, combined with a focus on personalization and multi-channel communication, positions it as a powerful tool for enhancing email marketing strategies and driving significant improvements in conversion rates 111214.

Privy – Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Privy - Pop Ups, Email, & SMS, developed by Privy Operations, presents a versatile toolkit designed for Shopify store owners aiming to escalate their marketing efforts and maximize conversions through pop-ups, email, and SMS marketing strategies 15. With a commendable rating of 4.6 based on 24,835 reviews, Privy stands out for its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, offering a competitive edge in engaging customers and driving sales 1516.

Key Offerings and Pricing:

  • Plans:
    • Convert Plan at $24/month for up to 10,000 monthly pageviews.
    • Starter Plan at $30/month catering to up to 1,500 email contacts.
    • Growth Plan at $45/month, supporting up to 2,000 email contacts & 75 SMS contacts 15.
  • Languages: Supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), ensuring inclusivity for a diverse user base 15.
  • Integration: Seamlessly works with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Attentive,, Postscript, enhancing its utility across various platforms 15.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Email and SMS Marketing Tools:
    • Automated Email & SMS Automations for targeted campaigns.
    • A vast array of Campaign Types including Abandoned cart, Discounts, Email campaigns, and more.
    • Advanced Segmentation for precise targeting and increased engagement 15.
  • Pop-Up Management:
    • A/B Testing and Editor Tool for crafting effective pop-ups.
    • Various Pop-up Types like Announcements, Countdown timers, and Custom pop-ups, designed to capture attention and drive action 15.

Privy's platform is lauded for its advanced analytics, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and advanced targeting options that significantly boost engagement and conversions 16. The app's automation capabilities, built-in conditionals, and constantly improving tools are highly commended by users, positioning it as a robust solution for finding and selling products, managing orders and shipping, store design, marketing and conversion, and store management 1617. Privy Convert emerges as a world-renowned pop-up builder and email capture tool, offering various templates and customization options for creating compelling pop-ups and fly-outs. This, coupled with Privy Email's ability to drive repeat purchases and recover abandoned carts, and Privy Text's direct engagement through SMS campaigns, underscores its comprehensive approach to enhancing email marketing Shopify strategies 18.

Automizely Email Marketing, SMS

Automizely Email Marketing, SMS is highly regarded by Shopify store owners, boasting a stellar 4.9 rating from 6,156 reviews, reflecting its effectiveness and user satisfaction 20. This all-in-one marketing platform streamlines email and SMS marketing campaigns, integrating advanced features like AI-powered product recommendations, countdown timers, and promotional bars to enhance user engagement and sales 20.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan: Includes a 7-day free trial, allowing access to 3,000 emails for up to 300 contacts. This plan is ideal for businesses just starting their email marketing journey 20.
  • Essentials Plan: Priced at $11/month or $108/year, offering unlimited emails for up to 500 contacts. A step up for growing businesses looking to expand their reach 20.
  • Pro Plan: At $119/month or $1,188/year, this plan caters to more established businesses with unlimited emails for up to 10,000 contacts. It includes additional features like upsell popups, unique coupon campaigns, and product recommendations 20.
  • Premium Plan: Designed for advanced marketing strategies at $179/month or $1,788/year, providing unlimited emails for up to 10,000 contacts. It boasts customer segmentation, AI-powered & on-site recommendations, birthday emails, price-drop & back-in-stock emails, catering to businesses aiming for highly personalized marketing efforts 20.

Key Features:

  • Automated Email Flows & SMS Marketing: Personalized, automated email flows are crafted based on customer shopping behavior, ensuring relevant communication that drives sales 20.
  • Comprehensive Templates & Tools: Users have access to pre-built templates for emails and SMS, alongside conversion popups like spin wheels, facilitating creative and engaging campaigns 20.
  • A/B Testing & Analytics: The platform provides A/B testing capabilities and easy performance monitoring through a unified dashboard, making it straightforward to optimize campaigns for better results 20.
  • Built-in CRM: Automizely comes with a built-in CRM to create meaningful customer segments, enhancing targeted marketing strategies 20.

Automizely's ability to combine multiple marketing functionalities into a single, no-code platform makes it an attractive option for Shopify store owners. Its wide range of features, customizable email templates, and detailed reporting are praised for their effectiveness in increasing engagement and sales. Additionally, the app's capacity to build email subscription lists and run sale campaigns efficiently, coupled with highly responsive 24/7 customer service, underscores its value as a comprehensive marketing solution 20.

SmartrMail Email Marketing SMS

SmartrMail is a powerhouse for Shopify store owners looking to elevate their email marketing and SMS strategies. With a commendable 4.8 overall rating based on 583 reviews, the app's popularity is evident among its users 212426. The breakdown of ratings showcases a strong preference, with 89% of users giving it 5 stars, highlighting its effectiveness and user satisfaction 212426.

Key Features of SmartrMail:

  • Automated Product Recommendation Emails: Leveraging customer data to send personalized product recommendations, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting sales 10.
  • Smart Segments: Allows for precise targeting by creating customer segments based on shopping behavior and preferences 10.
  • Marketing Automation Workflow Builder: A user-friendly interface that simplifies the creation of complex automation workflows, saving time and increasing efficiency 10.
  • Customizable Email Templates and Pop-Ups: Offers a variety of templates that can be tailored to match brand aesthetics, ensuring consistent and engaging communication 212426.
  • Automatic Syncing with Existing Email Lists: Facilitates seamless integration and management of email lists, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns 212426.

Pricing and Support: SmartrMail offers a free plan for stores with fewer than 1,000 subscribers, allowing for up to 5,000 emails per month with all standard features, automations, and email support. This plan is particularly beneficial for small businesses or those just starting with email marketing 232526. Additionally, the app is lauded for its dedicated customer support, with users praising the team's lightning-fast response times and helpfulness in resolving issues 22232526.

Impact and User Experiences:

  • Significant Sales Growth: SmartrMail has facilitated over $224,872,972 in extra sales for thousands of merchants, demonstrating its substantial impact on revenue 222325.
  • Ease of Use: Merchants like Milas Apothecary and Elovate Stationery highlight the platform's user-friendliness, particularly appreciating the ease of creating and sending newsletters and pop-ups 21.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Businesses such as ReadyToShip Shipping Supplies and Sensory Play Store commend the exceptional customer service, noting the clarity and helpfulness of the support team 21.

In summary, SmartrMail stands out as a top choice for Shopify store owners seeking to enhance their email marketing and SMS capabilities. Its blend of advanced features, user-friendly interface, dedicated support, and positive impact on sales makes it a valuable tool in the ecommerce marketing toolkit.

Seguno Email Marketing

Seguno Email Marketing emerges as a dedicated app designed for Shopify, simplifying the email marketing process for store owners. With a commendable 4.8 rating from 1,094 reviews, its efficiency and user satisfaction are evident 27. The app is seamlessly integrated into the Shopify admin, making it a convenient choice for users looking to manage their marketing efforts directly within the Shopify environment 27.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ease of Use: Direct integration with Shopify admin and compatibility with the latest themes ensure a smooth user experience 27.
  • Rich Template Library: Access to over 200 pre-built email templates simplifies the creation of professional-looking emails 27.
  • Advanced Campaign Types: From abandoned cart to win-back emails, Seguno offers a wide variety of campaign types to engage customers at every stage of their journey 27.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management Tools: Features such as analytics, segmentation, and automation facilitate efficient management and optimization of marketing campaigns 27.
  • Unique Discount Codes and Canva Design: Enhance your emails with unique discount codes and visually appealing designs created with Canva 27.

Pricing and Support:

  • Free Starter Plan: Suitable for up to 250 subscribers, making it an excellent option for small businesses or those just starting out 27.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $35/month, catering to businesses looking to scale their email marketing efforts 27.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Highly regarded email and chat support, ensuring assistance is readily available 27.

In addition to its core offerings, Seguno introduces premium features such as Product Purchased Automations and Customer Tagged Automations, available to users of its Standard plan or through a 10-day free trial for new users 28. Furthermore, the Seguno Popups & Forms app extends the functionality of Seguno Email Marketing, offering free and unlimited impressions and active popups for standard plan users, thus enhancing the capability to capture email and SMS leads effectively 29. The integration with Shopify's ecosystem, utilizing existing customer data and Shopify Segments for targeted campaigns, underscores Seguno's commitment to providing a tailored and efficient email marketing solution for Shopify store owners 30.

Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS

Marsello combines the power of loyalty programs with effective email marketing and SMS campaigns, making it a standout choice for Shopify store owners. Here's a breakdown of what Marsello brings to the table:

Loyalty Program Features

  • Memberships, Referrals, Reward Programs, VIP Tiers: Marsello offers a comprehensive loyalty program that includes memberships, referrals, reward programs, and VIP tiers. This allows businesses to foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases 3334353637383940.
  • Customizable Branding: Ensure your loyalty program matches your brand with customizable branding options, making every customer interaction feel personal and on-brand 34.
  • Advanced Analytics: With Marsello, you can dive deep into the performance of your loyalty program, understanding customer behaviors and adjusting your strategies accordingly for maximum impact 34.

Email Marketing & SMS Campaigns

  • Utilizing Sales Data: Marsello leverages sales data from Shopify and POS to tailor email marketing and SMS campaigns, ensuring messages are relevant and timely 3334353637383940.
  • Campaign Types and Management: From promotional blasts to targeted campaigns based on customer behavior, Marsello offers a variety of campaign types and provides tools for efficiently managing these campaigns 3334353637383940.

Integration and Pricing

  • Wide Range of Integrations: Marsello integrates seamlessly with tools like Klaviyo, LightSpeed, Cin7, Heartland Retail, and Facebook, enhancing its utility by connecting with the tools you already use 3334353637383940.
  • Pricing: Starting at $135/month, plus $15 per customer block, Marsello's pricing structure is designed to scale with your business, ensuring you get value no matter the size of your customer base 3334353637383940.

Marsello not only stands out for its feature-rich platform but also for its ease of implementation and Shopify Plus certification, backed by over 300 five-star reviews on the Shopify App Store. With a 14-day free trial, businesses can explore how Marsello's loyalty programs and targeted campaigns can elevate their marketing efforts without immediate commitment 3334.


Throughout this exploration of email marketing apps for Shopify, we've delved into the features, benefits, and unique offerings of each platform, emphasizing their roles in enhancing email marketing strategies and driving conversions. From Klaviyo's comprehensive analytics and automation to Marsello's integration of loyalty programs with email and SMS campaigns, it's clear that leveraging these tools can significantly bolster a Shopify store's ability to engage, convert, and retain customers. The emphasis on personalization, automation, and targeted communication underscores the evolving landscape of digital marketing, where relevance and timing are paramount.


What are the leading email marketing platforms for Shopify in 2024? The top email marketing software for Shopify in 2024 includes:

  • Omnisend
  • Klaviyo
  • MailerLite
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Brevo
  • Drip
  • ConverKit
  • Mailchimp

What Shopify apps can help increase sales effectively? To enhance your eCommerce sales on Shopify, consider these must-have apps:

  1. Bold Commerce Upsell App – for upselling and cross-selling.
  2. Yotpo – for customer reviews and loyalty programs.
  3. Ordergroove – for managing subscriptions.
  4. Klaviyo – for email marketing and SMS campaigns.
  5. Infobip – for omnichannel messaging.
  6. Carro – for accessing a dropshipping marketplace.
  7. Searchspring – for smart search and merchandising.

How can I expand my email list on Shopify? To grow your marketing email list on Shopify, you can:

  • Introduce a pop-up offer on your homepage.
  • Embed an opt-in form in your site's navigation or footer.
  • Collect emails at your physical store or during in-person events.
  • Add a signup button to your social media profiles.
  • Create personalized landing pages.
  • Offer a newsletter signup during the checkout process.

Which app is most recommended for email marketing? The best free email marketing apps to consider are:

  • MailerLite for advanced email marketing techniques.
  • HubSpot for detailed segmentation.
  • Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) for comprehensive marketing and sales features.
  • Mailchimp for scaling up your email marketing efforts.
  • Sender for offering the most generous free plan.
  • Loops for automating your email marketing.

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