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calendar    Jan 17, 2024

A quick guide to B2B BNPL (buy now pay later)

Modern business-to-business (B2B) financing options have evolved significantly over the years. Finding the right fit for your business can be a challenge. Resolve, a pioneer in B2B solutions, offers tailored net terms financing solutions for modern business needs. This guide explores one of the newest financing models reshaping the B2B landscape: Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Traditionally associated with consumer purchases, BNPL has entered B2B, offering flexibility and enhanced cash flow management.

What is B2B BNPL?

B2B BNPL, short for Business-to-Business Buy Now Pay Later, is a unique business financial solution. As its name suggests, BNPL allows businesses to purchase goods or services today and pay later. This model is especially beneficial for companies looking to manage their cash flow more effectively, invest in growth opportunities, or navigate seasonal fluctuations.

B2B BNPL often involves larger sums, longer payment terms, and more intricate agreements than consumer models. With BNPL, businesses can purchase what they need without immediate financial strain, while suppliers enjoy the advantages of closing sales and predictable cash flow.

B2B BNPL bridges the financial gap for businesses by offering a deferred payment method, enabling companies to maintain operational efficiency and capitalize on growth opportunities without disrupting their financial stability.

How does buy now pay later work for B2B?

B2B BNPL operates as a credit system specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses. The process begins with a credit assessment, where a provider evaluates a business's credit score and determines how much credit to extend and under what terms.

Once a business is approved for BNPL, it can make purchases while deferring payment, typically for 30 or 60 days post-invoice. This arrangement allows businesses to manage their resources and cash flow more effectively, facilitating smoother operations and potential growth.

Providers set BNPL terms, which are often more adaptable than traditional lending ones. Oftentimes, providers like Resolve assume the credit risk and offer non-recourse financing, meaning the burden of non-payment falls on the provider, not the business, significantly reducing the financial risk for the purchasing entity.

Overall, B2B BNPL benefits B2B businesses and buyers, offering buyers flexible payment terms and security, and sellers faster sales cycles with less credit risk. This combination strengthens business relationships and creates a more dynamic exchange of goods and services within the business community.

What is the difference between BNPL and a credit card?

Understanding the distinctions between Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and traditional credit options like credit cards and loans is crucial for businesses considering their financing choices.

Credit Cards offer a revolving line of credit with a set credit limit, allowing businesses to make purchases up to that limit. Interest accrues on unpaid balances and payments are typically made monthly. Credit cards provide flexibility but can lead to high-interest costs if balances aren't paid in full.

BNPL, on the other hand, is a transaction-specific arrangement allowing businesses to defer payment for a short period, usually without interest. This model aids in managing cash flow by delaying payment without immediately accruing interest. It's particularly useful for specific, larger purchases, offering a more straightforward and cost-effective option than credit cards.

Loans differ from both credit cards and BNPL, as they involve borrowing a fixed sum of money, usually with interest, over a predetermined repayment period. Loans are suited for long-term financing needs and come with a more complex application and approval process than BNPL.

Each option has unique benefits and considerations, so choose the option that best aligns with your financial strategy and purchase needs.

Advantages of BNPL

The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model has rapidly gained popularity, benefiting both businesses and consumers. BNPL offers significant advantages to consumers:

Improved Cash Flow Management: BNPL allows consumers to manage their finances more effectively via deferred payments.

Enhanced Purchasing Power: BNPL solutions empower consumers with greater purchasing power, which is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses facing capital constraints.

Convenience and Accessibility: BNPL offers a quicker and less cumbersome way for consumers to acquire goods or services, making it an attractive option for businesses needing timely resources.

Budget-Friendly: BNPL removes the immediate financial burden of upfront payments, leading to better financial planning and control.

No or Low-Interest Financing: Many arrangements benefit from no or low-interest rates for the deferral period, making it a cost-effective alternative.

Strengthened Supplier Relationships: Consumers can build stronger relationships with suppliers via timely BNPL payments.

Overall, B2B BNPL provides consumers with a flexible, budget-friendly, and efficient way to manage their business purchases.

Benefits of BNPL for merchants

BNPL also offers merchants unique advantages:

Increased Sales: BNPL attracts a broader customer base, potentially leading to larger orders and higher sales.

Improved Cash Flow: Providers like Resolve offer 100% cash advances, ensuring immediate capital access for merchants.

Customer Loyalty: Flexible payment options foster trust and loyalty, translating into repeat business and long-term relationships.

Competitive Advantage: Offering BNPL differentiates merchants from competitors and aligns your brand with modern payment preferences.

Risk Mitigation: With BNPL, the credit risk often shifts to the provider, allowing merchants to focus on their core business without credit-related concerns.

Ultimately, BNPL enhances sales and customer relationships while providing financial and competitive advantages for B2B merchants.

Should you incorporate B2B BNPL solutions into your offerings?

Integrating Buy Now Pay Later solutions into your business hinges on your objectives and customer needs. If your goal is to expand your customer base, enhance cash flow, and stay competitive, BNPL is definitely a strategic addition.

It's particularly relevant if your customers prefer flexible payment options. BNPL meets these needs and can position your business as adaptable and customer-centric in today's dynamic B2B marketplaces.

How to know if B2B BNPL solutions are right for you

Assess your customer's purchasing patterns and payment preferences to determine if B2B BNPL solutions fit your business. If extended payment terms could accelerate your sales, or your industry leans towards flexible monthly payment models, BNPL might be a good option.

Also, consider your cash flow needs. If upfront cash and mitigated credit risk are essential, a BNPL solution like Resolve's, which offers cash advances and handles credit risk, could align well with your business strategy.

How can you implement B2B BNPL solutions?

The easiest way to integrate B2B BNPL solutions into your business operations is to work with dedicated professionals like Resolve. Their net terms, providing 30 or 60 days for payment, seamlessly integrate with your financial processes and enhance customer satisfaction, offering deferred payment for B2B customers and improving liquidity for your business.

Resolve's non-recourse financing shifts repayment risk away from your business, ensuring peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growth. Their 100% advanced cash payment guarantees upfront payment and bolsters your financial stability.

Buy Now Pay Later solutions can elevate a business's cash flow and customer experience. Partnering with Resolve simplifies things, strengthening cash flow, customer relationships, and your financial foundation.

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