How Resolve Works

Powerful tools built for every step of b2b sales.

Resolve is designed to help your sales team close deals and convert leads - from large manual orders to enterprise level eCommerce checkouts.

simple and automated
Resolve fits your b2b sales flow

01Offer net terms
Easily extend net terms financing on your website using our net term payment gateway.

02Get more customers
Buyers apply through your unique application to get approved for dedicated payment terms (net 30-60) with your business within one business day.

03Make sales
You recieve more sales and your buyers receive a personalized confirmation of their payment.

04Get paid
After a purchase is placed, Resolve automatically deposits the funds into your bank account. We handle invoicing the customer, billings, and collections.

Why sell with Resolve

Expand your average order size

Give your buyers the credit they need to expand their budgets to pull the trigger on a larger purchase.

Increase repeat purchases

Provide your buyers a dedicated line of credit to encourage them to purchase again and again with you.

Convert new and old leads into buyers

Our credit approvals help you reach out to existing or new customers who haven't yet started to buy from you.

Frequently Asked

How does Resolve work?
Resolve offers risk-free payment terms to your customers. After a purchase is placed, Resolve automatically deposits the funds in your bank account. We'll invoice your customer and handle billings and collections for you.

How does Net Terms grow my business?
We allow your customers to buy now and pay later. This convenience boosts conversion, revenue, and customer loyalty. In addition, our advanced underwriting looks beyond traditional commercial credit data, allowing you to sell to more customers.

Can you do ecommerce integrations?
Resolve integrates seamlessly into your website and checkout flow to drive conversion, AOV, and revenue. Ask us about the different platforms we support.

How do my customers pay?
Your customers can pay their bills online by ACH transfer or by mailing us a check.

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